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The living individual has to carry the anima that is pregnant


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Zarathustra Seminars

Mrs. Jung: You said that the anima was pregnant with the Superman and that the father was the Holy Ghost. I should like to know what is
the role of the individual? It seems to me that nothing is born if it is left to archetypes only.

Prof. Jung: Well, the individual of course has the heaviest burden in this case because he is the living carrier of all those figures.

You see, the living individual has to carry the anima that is pregnant.

He is really the Joseph in the whole show, the means by which the thing becomes real.

The individual is the human being in space and time, in the here and now, who has to make that inner drama real.

And that is the great trouble. For instance, the man Jesus suffered miserably for the divine drama that was enacted in him.

That is the role of the individual-bad enough!

Prof Fierz: I should like to point out that the foregoing chapter deals with the brother, and in the preceding one he is speaking to his brethren; he seems to have concentrated more and more on one person, and in the chapter we are discussing, even he disappears and the anima appears. It is as if she were emanating through these chapters; it goes more and more away from collectivity and then she appears.

Prof Jung: That is necessary; otherwise she could not appear.

Prof Fierz: It is quite logical.

Prof Jung: Oh yes, it is concentrating upon himself. It should come to that head, otherwise nothing would be realized.

Mrs. Crowley: I think in this chapter the secret was the wisdom of the serpent, or the serpent attitude of understanding, and in the next
chapter the serpent appears.

Prof Jung: Yes, that was already in the air. ~Zarathustra Seminars, Page 746-747