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Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche

Anyone who has seen these things happen over and over again in every conceivable shade of dramatic intensity is bound to ponder.

He becomes aware how easy it is to overlook the regulating influences, and that he should endeavour to pay attention to the unconscious regulation which is so necessary for our mental and physical health.

Accordingly he will try to help himself by practising self-observation and self-criticism.

But mere self-observation and intellectual self-analysis are entirely inadequate as a means to establishing contact with the unconscious.

Although no human being can be spared bad experiences, everyone shrinks from risking them, especially if he sees any way by which they might be circumvented.

Knowledge of the regulating influences of the unconscious offers just such a possibility and actually does render much bad experience unnecessary.

We can avoid a great many detours that are distinguished by no particular attraction but only by tiresome conflicts.

It is bad enough to make detours and painful mistakes in unknown and unexplored territory, but to get lost in inhabited country on broad highways is merely exasperating.

What, then, are the means at our disposal of obtaining knowledge of the regulating factors?  ~Carl Jung, CW 8, Para 165