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Dream Analysis Seminar

Dr. Baynes: But the place where you were born must be mentioned-the here and now must be emphasized.

So in order to diagnose your temperament he must have been guessing, for he doesn’t know the place.

Dr. Jung: That is contained in my horoscope. It was necessary to tell him the place for it must be on a certain meridian implied in my horoscope.

Dr. Deady: Is it as though it were two thousand years ago?

Dr. Jung: It was true two thousand years ago. There are very few verifiable horoscopes.

The material is scarce, and it has not been done in the spirit of modern science.

I have told you about the aerial trigon. That Frenchman made such an attempt.

The whole trouble has been caused by the sun that refused to work reasonably. It is very bewildering.

Miss Wolff· Perhaps you could make it clearer by showing it on the blackboard.

Dr. Jung: Suppose we are in the year 2200 B.C., on the 21st of March, and Aries is just coming over the horizon at 1 degree.

This is the spring-point, that is, the intersection of the line of the ecliptic with the equator of the sky.

Each one of the zodiacal signs represents 30 degrees.

Slowly, through the precession of the equinoxes, the spring-point shifted through the sign of Aries toward that of Pisces until in 150 B.C.

Hipparchus observed that Aries was gone and the sun was coming up in a new sign.

In those days tremendous things were happening.

The gods changed when the stars changed.

Here the Ram changed into the Fish, he died as a ram and was born as a fish.

The gods had bull’s horns when the sun was in Taurus, and they had ram’s horns during the Aries period.

Then the Fish became the symbol.

The Christian baptism in water has to do with this symbolism.

The Pope still wears the fisher ring-a gem that represents the miraculous draught of fishes, symbolizing the gathering of all Christians into the womb of the Church.

So a new psychology began to make itself felt.

It was the dawn of Christianity, and we can follow its course in the astrological picture.

The fishes are represented in a peculiar way in the zodiacal sign.

They lie almost tail to tail, joined by a commissure.

This double arrangement is supposed to indicate Christ and Antichrist.

That curious legend can be traced back to the first century-the idea that Christ had a brother, the Antichrist.

When the spring-point has progressed to the whole length of the first fish, we are in A.D. 900–about the climax of Christian influence.

Then it declines, and the spring-point is in the middle of the commissure, which would be in about 1500. ~Dream Analysis Seminar, Page 421-422