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Civilization in Transition

Love is not cheap—let us therefore beware of cheapening it!

All our bad qualities, our egotism, our cowardice, our worldly wisdom, our cupidity—all these would persuade us not to take love seriously.

But love will reward us only when we do.

I must even regard it as a misfortune that nowadays the sexual question is spoken of as something distinct from love.

The two questions should not be separated, for when there is a sexual problem it can be solved only by love.

Any other solution would be a harmful substitute.

Sexuality dished out as sexuality is brutish; but sexuality as an expression of love is hallowed.

Therefore, never ask what a man does, but how he does it.

If he does it from love or in the spirit of love, then he serves a god; and whatever he may do is not ours to judge, for it is ennobled.

I trust that these remarks will have made it clear to you that I pass no sort of moral judgment on sexuality as a natural phenomenon, but prefer to make its moral evaluation dependent on the way it is expressed. ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para 234-235