Zarathustra Seminars

Following Emma Jung’s invitation, Hauer stayed at Jung’s house during the lectures.

Meier stated that Hauer’s German seminar took place from 10:00 A.M. to noon with a tea break.

Reichstein stated that between thirty and forty people attended Hauer’s lectures and that between forty and eighty attended Jung’s seminar, and that it was often difficult to get a seat for the latter.

He recalled that it was difficult to attend Jung’s seminars for many of those present wanted to preserve an exclusive atmosphere and prevent others from attending.

Consequently, Reichstein (who won the Nobel prize for chemistry) went directly to Jung, who gave him permission to attend.

After each lecture, Jung, Hauer, and Toni Wolff had lunch together.

Mrs. Hauer had painted enlarged copies of the illustrations of the cakras from The Serpent Power, which were used for the lectures. ~Kundalini Yoga Seminar, Page xxxviii