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Emma Jung: The death of Dr. Schmid of Basel, touched herself and her husband deeply. 

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Jung-Hans Schmid-Guisan Letters

On 25 April 1932, Jung published a short but moving obituary in the Basler Nachrichten (see the appendix).

The death of Dr. Schmid of Basel,” as Emma Jung wrote to Jungian analyst Wolfgang M. Kranefeldt, had “touched” herself and her
husband “deeply. . . .

It seems to me that just then he stood before an important turning point, and it is very tragic that the turn could not be made under the terms of life.

Perhaps he was too little aware of the critical moment, or had just reached his limit, so that a different orientation (2nd half of life; his
attitude was much too youthful) was no longer possible.” ~Carl Jung-Hans Schmid-Guisan Letters, Page 9

Letter of 2 June 1932 (Zentralbibliothek Zürich). With thanks to Sonu Shamdasani. ~Carl Jung-Hans Schmid-Guisan Letters, Page 9, fn 13