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Jung-Kirsch Letters

In early 1930 a woman had entered analysis with Kirsch in Berlin, her treatment subsidized by the Psychological Club in Zurich (hereafter the Club). In July 1930 Toni Wolff wrote to Kirsch about   the Club’s financial involvement in this case and about Kirsch’s countertransference difficulties.

She adds, I have read your letter to Dr. Jung.” Jung’s references to “anima” concern the feminine component in Kirsch’s psyche.  ~Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 9, fn 28

In a clinical emergency, Kirsch had turned to Toni Sussmann, who presented his questions to both Jung and Toni Wolff when they were together at the School of Wisdom in November. Wolff then sent Kirsch a detailed letter about the case. ~Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 12, fn 47

Charlotte Geitel: elementary school teacher and Jungian analyst, practicing in Berlin. Her 1931 paper was titled [“Psychic Images in Children”] In a review by Toni Wolff, critical of the volume as a whole, Geitel ‘s essay is singled out for praise. ~Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 17, fn 63

Dr. I. J. Dunn, a young Jewish psychiatrist and a student of mine, will be coming to Zurich to work with Frl. Wolff and Dr. Meier and to audit lectures at the “Institute.” He has his inferiority-complexes, as a Jew and an osteopath, but he is a very promising young man. I would be very pleased if you could receive him at some time. ~James Kirsch, Jung-Kirsch Letters, Page 120