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We have been called to a life of purpose. Do we recognize the call, engage with the creative spirit and deliver our gift to the world?

Human beings, irrespective of where we live or where we go, experience the desire to fulfill our life’s purpose. This deep-rooted desire implores us to be of service to something larger than ourselves. Like a beacon, it urges us to follow the path before us, to bring our unique gifts into the world.
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Jungian psychology attests to this – we carry within us a gift that we are invited to deliver to the larger community. When we honor this call, we experience purpose, and it feels like we’re on the road we are meant to take. Jung called this the individuation process – the process of conscious psychological growth.

The call can however, be elusive at times, and we can easily miss it if we do not know how it manifests. Sometimes, the call can show up in crisis, heartbreak, disease, or death. Other times, it appears in dreams and synchronous events. We want to be attentive to the complexities of life and see how the call reveals itself.

Individuals who respond to their true calling find the world turning into a mystical and nurturing place. Synchronistic events and miracles come into being, help comes in mysterious, supernatural forms, and connections appear where there were none before.

The Call & Purpose Summit is designed to help you recognize, respond, and honor the call. Teachers from different traditions have come together in this four-day Summit to provide perspectives and practical tools to deepen your relationship with your life’s purpose.

We invite you to join us for this FREE, 4-day online Summit with 12 of the world’s top Jungian Analysts and Spiritual Teachers.

With 3 sessions daily, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Recognize and engage with your unique call
  • Learn about ‘coincidence’ and serendipity as signposts on your personal journey
  • Discover your personal myth and learn about your genius
  • Turn towards what you deeply love and move in the direction where you feel most alive
Respond to this Call

Make sense of your personal development journey and join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

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12 World-class Jungian Analysts and Depth Psychology Luminaries:


James Hollis


The Call & Purpose in Jungian Psychology

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Jean Shinoda Bolen


Life-threatening Illness as a Soul Journey

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey


The Call to Radical Regeneration

PLUS 9 Other Exclusive sessions

Hosted by:

Machiel Klerk

Machiel Klerk

Jung Platform Founder

Akke-Jean Klerk

Akke-Jeanne Klerk

Jung Platform Co-Founder

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How You Can Benefit?

Recognize the callings in your life

Learn how to listen and respond to your call

Find out why moving towards your destiny brings purpose to your journey

Discover clues that carry information about your destiny

Connect with your daimon or genius

Bring meaning to your personal development journey

Truly engage with your call to facilitate the purpose to reveal itself

This Summit is for You

The quest for meaning in life is universal. We believe everyone will benefit from the Summit and will be especially useful if:

You have an interest in your psychological growth and development.

Have an interest in Jungian topics and personal development through a Jungian lens.

Are a healing Professional, Life Coach, Psychologist or Therapist.

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Free Jungian Summit 2021: The Call & Purpose

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