Freud-Jung Letters


I am sorry I have been so long in answering your last, exceedingly friendly and detailed letter.

Afterwards I was rather embarrassed at having played hide-and-seek with my dream. Bleuler, to whom I showed the interpretation in its first version, found it much too forthright.

This gave me a welcome opportunity to hide behind the interpretation again in its second version and in that way to act out the complexes myself.

There are special reasons why I did not bring in the interpretation log == penis, the chief of which was that I was not in a position to present my dream impersonally: my wife therefore wrote the ·whole description (I!). ~Carl Jung, Freud-Jung Letters, Page 20

It is indeed a great pity that it is impossible for me to come at Easter, and I much regret arriving at a time that doesn’t suit you. Unfortunately it can’t be managed otherwise.

I shall be in Vienna next Saturday evening and hope I may call upon you on Sunday morning at 10 o’clock. I am travelling with my wife and one of my pupils, a nephew of Binswanger in Lena.’

Perhaps I may, if occasion offers, introduce my wife and Herr Binswanger to you.

My wife has relieved me of all obligations while I am in Vienna. I shall take leave, before my departure, to let you know at what hotel I am staying, so that you could if necessary send word there. ~Carl Jung, Freud-Jung Letters, Page 24

My Agathli continues merrily with her discoveries. New and delightful attempts at explanation have resulted.”

The act of birth is now fully understood, as the little one announced in an amusing game.

She stuck her doll between her legs under her skirt so that only the head was showing, and cried: “Look, a baby is coming!”

Then, pulling it out slowly: “And now it’s  all out.”

Only the role of the father is still obscure and a subject for dreams. I’ll tell you about it. in Vienna.  ~Carl Jung, Freud-Jung Letters, Page 208