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I have been quite shocked to hear of Toni Wolff sudden death.

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Jung-White Letters

My Dear C.G.,

Although I write to you so little, you are very often in my thoughts.

I must just take occasion of Easter to send you a brief greeting & salutation. I have been quite shocked to hear of Toni Wolff’s sudden death.

She must be a great loss to you all, & you have my very great sympathy.

I had particularly been looking forward to hearing her this summer, so I am very disappointed, too.

I hope to arrive about May 15th, though I understand I am not to start talking until June, & I propose to make a little tour during the Whitsun holiday.

I understand I am to stay at “Hinder Zhunen,” not too far from Kusnacht.

So I hope I may come & see you from time to time – especially as I am afraid I shall not be able to return to Bollingen later this year.

I am just off to celebrate the Rites of Spring in Wales – then to lecture in Dublin. So please excuse the brevity of this note.

Wishing you & Mrs. Jung a very happy Easter.

Ever cordially,

VICTOR  ~Victor White, Jung-White Letters, Page 213