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Carl told me that I had not been exactly like the anima

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4 Dec. 1926

Only now do I see that the dream of XII 1923 means the death of the anima.

(“She does not know that she is dead”).

This coincides with the death of my mother.

After 16 I had a regressive incestuous dream with destructive symbols.

The attempt to go to the anima was apparently misguided.

Had bad results.

Since the death of my mother, the A. [Anima] has fallen silent. Meaningful! ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 235

See above, p. 232.

In a diary entry of September 12, 1924, Toni Wolff wrote:

“Does he still see me as anima? Because he is Philemon?” (Diary B, p. 6).

On December 27, 1924, she wrote:

“Anima Toni-substitute, because anima is primary, no unconditional attitude toward me. . . .

C. told me that I had not been exactly like the anima.

The anima said that I was indecently clever” (Diary B, pp. 76, 88). ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 235-236, fn 237

Friday. Jung saw nine patients. He gave a series of presentations at the Psychological Club on “The psychology of dreams” on November 22 and December 8, 1924, and February 8, 1925.

He published “Marriage as a psychological relation” (CW 17) in 1925. In 1926 he published The Unconscious in the Normal and Sick Life of the Soul, a revision of his 1917 Psychology of the Unconscious Processes (cf. CW 7).

In the interim, on June 27, he was in Bollingen. From September 26 to 29 he was in Paris with George Porter. On October 31 he met Hermann Sigg in Bollingen.

His daughter Agathe got married on November 10.

On December 10 he left for America, taking a steamer from Bremen on the thirteenth and arriving on the twenty-second in New York, where he met with Fowler McCormick, George Porter, and Frances Wickes.

On December 24 he went to Chicago and then on to Taos on the thirtieth. He also visited Washington, New Orleans, and the Grand Canyon.

On January 14 he gave a seminar in Kristine Mann’s apartment in New York, speaking on racial psychology and the ancestors.

On January 15 he headed back to Europe (see William McGuire, “Jung in America, 1924- 1925,” Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture [1978]: 37- 53).

January 30, 1925, he was with George Beckwith in Schmerikon. On February 13 he was in Bollingen.

On May 29 he was in Bollingen. On June 15 he met with Paul Radin. On July IO he was in Bollingen.

On August 9 he was in Amsterdam and met with J. H. van der Hoop.

On August IO he was in Heidelberg.

On August 16 he was transcribing p. 156 of the calligraphic volume of LN. Images 154 and 155 were painted sometime in 1924 and 1925.

Richard Wilhlem lectured at the Psychological Club on “Chinese Yoga Practice” on May 27, 1926, and on May 28 on “The Chinese Conception of the Soul.”

On June 5, Jung gave a presentation at the Psychological Club on “The Psychology of the Pueblos.”

On June 27 he saw the opera The Barber of Seville. On October 29 he gave a lecture to the Augsburg Literary Society on “Spirit and Life” (CW 8), presenting it again at the Psychological Club on November 20. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 235, fn 233