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Zarathustra Seminars

Miss Wolff: Was not the question rather whether there were causes extraneous to the self that could cause death?

Could you not take for example certain cases of suicide or accident which an outsider would say might have been avoided if that person had known more-if he had not had a depression or if he had listened to his dreams?

Could one not say that death occurs because that person is associated with the ego side?

An immediate cause of death would look to me as coming from the ego complex.

Prof Jung: Well, we could also ask the question, how is the ego complex able to kill a person?

It is not strong enough; it has not those sources of power which the self possesses.

And concerning extra-mundane or extra-solar causes of death, how do you know about their nature? It is merely speculation.

I admit that there are cases where the attitude of the ego is: Now if that is going to continue, something awful will happen!

But that is where the self finally gets sick of that fool, the ego-the case of the old negro woman sitting upon the bananas.  ~Zarathustra Seminars, Page 412