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Black Books

This comrade [Jung’s Ego] is fussy and critical.

I did not want him as my companion.

But his companionship was forced upon me.

To live under one roof with him, that is quite something-I’d prefer a bad woman or a wayward hound-but one’s own I-this horrifies me, because it is terribly boring and deadly monotonous.

And besides it possesses many bad qualities.

In particular it lacks self-admiration and correct valuation of itself It seems that an educational undertaking is called for if anything at all is to transpire. The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 215

The following paragraph was not reproduced in LN. Instead, Liber Secundus ends with:

“Now shut, you bronze doors I opened to the flood of devastation and murder brooding over the peoples, opened so as to midwife the God. / Shut, may mountains bury you and seas flow over you. / I came to my self, a giddy and pitiful figure.

My I!

I didn’t want this fellow as my companion. I found myself with him. I’d prefer a bad woman or a wayward hound, but one’s own I – this horrifies me. / An opus is needed, that one can squander decades on, and do it out of necessity. I must catch up with a piece of the Middle Ages within myself.

We have only finished the Middle Ages of- others.

I must begin early, in that period when the hermits died out.

Asceticism, inquisition, torture are close at hand and impose themselves.

The barbarian requires barbaric means of education.

My I, you are a barbarian.

I want to live with you, therefore I will carry you through an utterly medieval Hell , until you are capable of making living with you bearable.

You should be the vessel and womb of life, therefore I shall purify you. / The touchstone is being alone with oneself. / This is the way” (pp. 457- 58). The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 215, fn 28