Black Books

You haven’t missed by much.

Beyond the seed God comes to meet the shadow, his adversary.

When he is fiery glow, his adversary is blue starlight, coldness within fire, snow on the embers.

God is in conflict with himself.

Both redeemers teach the good, the redemption from good and evil.

Yes, both know the good way, even when they contradict one another.

But they are one in the good.

Yes, if we went toward the good, we would know where and when.

For clear simple paths are mapped out for us by the masters, and travelled by countless people.

Why don’t we take them? We shouldn’t strive toward the good, but toward life.

life, so it is called in us, is higher than the good, since the good is just a fruit of life.

But nowhere is the fruit more valuable than the tree on which it grew.

Yes, if we went toward the good! But it is not our time, it does not want it, since it wants life, which is given to our time as more sacred, even certain evil actions appear better and more sacred than the merely good.

We cannot defend ourselves.

It takes the other road, the one toward life, since life for us is the good, since we know that life can be good.

We cannot believe that life must die unlived.

We believe that life is a flame that burns in itself and radiates itself. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 180-181