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Jung: What then will remain of me?

Mother: “Nothing but your shadow.”

Jung: But where is my I?

Mother: “Nowhere. No longer are you an I, but a river that pours forth over the lands. It seeks every valley and streams toward the depths, toward the sea.” You’re bristling at nothing.”

Jung: Can I live without an I?

Mother: “You are the fool and the door between two eternities, an open passage, a street walked upon; one walks on it with shoes and spits on it.” ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 231

The first bearer of the soul-image is always the mother; later it is borne by those women who arouse the man’s feelings, whether in a positive or negative sense. Because the mother is the first bearer of the soul-image, separation from her is a delicate and important matter of the greatest educational significance. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 100

In a critical entry of January 16, 1916, his soul presented an elaborate thiogenic cosmogony.’ She described her own nature, the nature of the daimons, the heavenly mother, and the Gods. ~The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 48

I, your soul, am your mother, who tenderly and frightfully surrounds you, your nourisher and corrupter; I prepare good things and poison for you. I am your intercessor with Abraxas. I teach you the arts that protect you from Abraxas. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 277

The heavenly mother is a daimon among the order of the Gods, an inhabitant of the heavenly world. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 271

You know that the power of the phallus is great. Did you ever doubt it?

Then know that the power of matter is even greater.

The earth is more powerful than the phallus, he is the transient son, she is the age-old mother.

The hardest, most imperishable matter is the best. It needs to be built into this matter. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 269

It [the subjective] is related to the chaos, the deep essence of the world. The law is surface, order is the outer side.

Chaos is your mother.

You rest in uncertainty as in the mother’s womb, eternally becoming and in a seminal state. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 208

A new sun broke away from the flaming body of the primordial mother.

A dragon crept up and spat out the new sun.

could no longer endure the light in it. Thus everything was as it should be.  ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 271

Why are the bird, the heavenly mother, and heaven missing?

They are all enclosed in the star. When you look toward the star, you will look through them.

They are the bridges to the star.

They make up the single 7th light, the highest, the floating, which rises with roaring flapping of wings, released from the embrace of the tree of light with 6 branches and I blossom, in which the star God lay slumbering.

The 6 lights are singular and form the multiplicity.

The one light is one and forms the unity, it is the blossoming crown of the tree, the holy egg, the seed of the world endowed with wings so it can reach its place.

The one gives rise to the many again and again, and the many entails the one.” ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 254-255

But the soul became the steps of its ladder, closest, nearest, near, far, further, furthest. First she is my own being, then she is a serpent and a bird, then she is mother and father, then even further away Salome and Elijah. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 238

Spirituality conceives and embraces. It is womanlike and therefore we call it mater coelestis, the heavenly mother. Sexuality engenders and creates. It is manlike, and therefore we call it phallus, the earthly father. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 223-224

For the mother and the Phallus are superhuman daimons that reveal the world of the Gods. They affect us more than the Gods since they are very closely akin to our essence. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 224

The mother is the grail.

The phallus is the spear. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 224

If your community is not under the sign of the mother, it is under the sign of the Phallus. Absence of community is suffering and sickness. Community in everything is dismemberment and dissolution. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 225

In community we go to the source, which is the mother. In singleness we go to the future, which is the engendering phallus. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 226

Before Hercules incinerated himself and was placed among the Gods, he became the child of Omphale.

That is what happened to him.

So, my mother, you who stand in the higher circle and shroud me and protect me from the Gods: I want to become your child. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 228

Serpent, you chthonic origin, most despicable beast, we need your wisdom. let mother go, and twist high into your suffering.

You are must become the savior. The cross awaits you. You must be lifted up on the mountain of torment and exposure. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 217

His [Jung’s] soul told him that she was not his mother.

He should be patient; the way to truth was to those without intentions, and he needed to realize that intentions limit life.

He addressed his feeling of self-scorn, and his soul told him that this was out of the question; scorn was only an issue if he was completely vain.

She asked if he knew who she was; had he made her into a dead formula? ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 23

Truly a God of ore, a servant of the Great Mother.

What man would be able to compete with the love and the severity of the Mother?

That is the gruesomeness of the eternal Mother.

You overcome the Mother only through submission. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 220 

Jung’s Soul:  From the cosmic, i.e., from what is before birth and after death.

The Great Mother Night, which carries the sun in her body sends the message.

Reason enough to read it carefully.

The first sign is apparently the nocturnal Isis herself, who has taken the masculine into herself.

That was in the cards today, the ace of spades that fell to you.

You stand in the sign of the feminine. The second sign refers to you, i.e., the message turns to you and says in the 3rd sign that this fishing rod is too big for the fish.

The fish that you should catch is still somewhat beyond, also your balance is out of order.

You don’t stand wholly in the middle. What can that relate to? First we’ll look further.

The balance should be fashioned in a way that one side of the scale, the right, consciousness, should connect with the earth.

That can relate only to your wife, who can give you strength.

The other side is Toni.

She apparently has the calling to receive the two fish. What does that mean?

It seems she has the instruction of the Great Mother about this.

In this sense she should be observed, also her dreams.

But probably she must be kept hovering, perhaps in the sense that I spoke to you yesterday.

The Great Mother then promises the birth of the 3 small suns or heavenly bodies and the two fish between.

The 2 fish relate to the Christian and the Antichristian, which in the meaning of the future follow the three suns, which are related to the new religion.

The sun is the masculine positive, the illuminator.

A triumvirate, you, Emma, and Toni, the symbolic bearers, the Egyptian symbol, indicated in the word “FANDRAGYPTI,” pheasant of the Egyptians, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys. Nephthys-Toni therefore receives both the fish, i.e., the night or unconscious side.

Both the fish fertilize the mother and cause the birth, the Christian-Antichristian follows behind as the afterbirth.

This prediction is good. You can calm down. ~Jung Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 215