Black Books


Emma Jung came to accept the relationship between her husband and Toni Wolff.

By all accounts, the triangular situation was not easy, but a respectful modus vivendi was found.

Jung would have dinner with Wolff on Wednesdays at her home, and she came to Kusnacht on Sundays.

In retrospect, Jung recalled the role that she played for him during this period as follows:

T.W. was experiencing a similar stream of images.

I had evidently infected her, or was the declencheur [trigger] that stirred up her imagination.

My phantasies and hers were in a participation mystique.

It was like a common stream, and a common task.

Gradually I became conscious and gradually I became the center; and in the measure to which I attained these insights, she also found her center.

But then she got stuck somewhere along the way,

I remained too much the center that functioned for her.

Therefore I was never permitted to be other than she wanted me to be, or than she needed to have me be.

At that time she was entirely drawn into this terrible process in which I was involved, and she was just as helpless as I was. ~ The Black Books, Vol. 1, Page 31-32