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Black Books

Oh-how it burns- like hot lust, like hellish pain.

Give water-quench the eternal fire-a knife, that cuts out the blaze bloodily.

A chisel and hammer strike-that sprays out the glowing grain- still not enough.

Touch me, touch me-you must participate in my torment-how can it be otherwise?

let mystery surround you.

A thousand dark coats, for your act of redemption- I weave an impenetrable mystery for you are protected- ~Ha, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 151

I believe that it is you who carries the new light.

I believe that your hand made what we need.

I give you my allegiance. I was burnt in the fire like red clay, I am as solid as stone.

My nature is of the earth, of the solid red rocks.

The centuries do not alter me.

I am still the same as of old.

My wisdom needs no renewal, no alteration.

My eye speaks unwavering mystery, my mouth remains silent before the stranger.

I do not teach myself, I am. I add to myself in slow growth.” ~A Man of the East, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 274-275