Black Books

In this way salvation is given to us in the un-openable and un-sayable symbol, for it protects us by preventing the devil from swallowing the seed of life…We must understand the divine within us, but not the other, insofar as he is able to go and stand on his own …

We should be confidants of our own mysteries, but chastely veil our eyes before the mysteries of the other, insofar as he does not need “understanding” because of his own incapability. ~The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 45-46

I must find the way through the unconscious. People who have trusted me need my insight, not only I myself.

Therefore I had to exclusively dedicate myself to this work, which was very time-consuming and terribly demanding. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 46

What lies in between is in the dream book, but still more in the images of the Red Book.

What happens between the lover and the beloved is the total fullness of the Godhead.

That is why both are an unfathomable mystery to each other.

Since who would understand the Godhead?

But the God will be born in solitude, from the mystery of the individual.

The separation between life and love is the contradiction between solitude and togetherness. ~Jung Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 201

You’re [Salome] not confusing me.

Weakness is a strength.

Weaknesses are the strongest powers of human life.

I will wrestle from you the mystery of weakness, my weakness.

Since I want man to become strong so that he can live on the earth without succumbing to the earth spirits. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 187-188