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“The righteous base their intentions more on the mercy of God, which in whatever they undertake they trust more than their own wisdom.”

Well, Henri Bergson, I think there you have it-this is not less precisely the genuine and right intuitive method. 206

The reference to Bergson was not reproduced in LN. On March 20, 1914, Adolf Keller gave a talk on “Bergson and the Theory of Libido” to the Zurich Psychoanalytical Society.

In the discussion, Jung said that “Bergson should have been discussed here long ago. B. says everything that we have not said “MZS”, p. 57).

On July 24, 1914, Jung gave a talk in London, where he noted that his “constructive method” corresponded to Bergson’s “intuitive method” (“On Psychological Understanding,” Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology, p. 399 ).

The work Jung read was L’ evolution creatrice (Paris: Alcan, 1907).

He possessed the 1912 German translation. ~The Red Books, Vol. IV, Page 206 fn 10