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The Young Woman with a Snake in her Abdomen

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C.G, Jung Speaking

More specifically, what would be an example of the difference between an intuitive extravert and an intuitive introvert?

Well, you know, you have chosen a somewhat difficult ease, because one of the most difficult types is the intuitive introvert.

The intuitive extravert you find among hunters, bankers, gamblers; that is quite understandable.

But the introvert variety is more difficult because he has intuitions about the subjective factor, the inner world.

That is very difficult to understand because what he sees are most uncommon things, and he doesn’t like to talk about them if he is not a fool.

He would spoil his own game by telling what he sees, because people won’t understand it.

Once I had a patient, a young woman about 27 or 28.

Her first words were when I had seated her, “You know, doctor, I come to you because I have a snake in my abdomen.” “What ?!”

“Yes, a snake, a black snake coiled up right in the bottom of my abdomen.”

I must have made a rather bewildered face at her, for she said, “You know, I don’t mean it literally, but I should say it was a snake, a snake.”

In our further conversation a little later—that was about the middle of her treatment which lasted only for ten consultations—she said she had foretold me, “I’ll come ten times, and then it will be all right.”

“But how do you know ?” I asked. “Oh, I’ve got a hunch.”

And really, about the fifth or sixth consultation she said, “Oh, doctor, I must tell you, the snake has risen, it is now about here.” Hunch!

Then on the tenth day I said, “Now this is our last consultation. Do you feel cured?”

And she said, beaming, “You know, this morning it came up, it came out of my mouth, and the head was golden.”

Those were her last words.

Now that same girl—when it comes to reality—came to me because she couldn’t hear the step of her feet any more, because she walked on air, literally.

She couldn’t hear it, and that frightened her. When she came to see me I asked for her address, and she said, “Oh, pension so and so.

Well, it is not called a pension exactly but it is a sort of pension.”

I had never heard of it. “Now that is curious,” I said, “I have never heard of that place.” “Well, it’s a very nice place.

Curiously enough, there are only young girls there, very nice and very lively young girls, and they have a merry time.

I often wish they would invite me to their merry evenings.”  I said, “And do they amuse themselves all alone?”

“Oh, no, they have plenty of young gentlemen coming in, and they have a beautiful time, but they never invite me.”

It turned out that it was a private brothel. She was a perfectly decent girl, you know, of a very good family, not from here.

She had found that place, I don’t know how, and she was utterly unaware that they were all prostitutes.

And I said, “For heaven’s sake, you fell into a very dark place! You hurry up and get out of it.”

That was her sensation, she didn’t see reality, but she had hunches like anything, and they came off.

Such a person cannot possibly speak of her experiences because everybody would think she’s absolutely crazy.

I myself was quite shocked, and I thought, For heaven’s sake, is that a case of schizophrenia?

You don’t hear that kind of talk, but she assumed that the old man, of course, knows everything, and even understands that kind of language.

So you see, if the introverted intuitive were to speak of what he really perceives, practically no one would understand him.

They learn to keep things to themselves, and you hardly ever hear them talking of these things.

That is a great disadvantage, but it is an enormous advantage in another way, not to speak of the experiences they have in that respect
and also in their human relations.

For instance, they come into the presence of somebody they don’t know, and suddenly they have inner images, and these images give them more or less complete information about the psychology of the partner.

It can also happen that they come into the presence of somebody they don’t know at all, not from Adam, and they know an important piece out of the biography of that person, and are not aware of it, and they tell the story, and then the fat is in the fire.”

So the introverted intuitive has in a way a very difficult life, although one of the most interesting lives, but it is often
difficult to get into their confidence.  ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Page309-311

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