Black Books

How childishly you speak!

Surely you know that one can read a book many times-perhaps you almost know it by heart, and nevertheless it can be that, when you look again at the lines before you, certain things appear new or even completely new thoughts occur to you that you did not have before.

Every word can work productively in your spirit.

And finally if you have once left the book for a week and you take it up again after your spirit has experienced various different changes, then a number of things will dawn on you.” ~The Anchorite, The Black Books, Vol. III, Page 102

“Your question is not easy to answer.

It’s easier to explain colors to a blind person.

You must know one thing above all: a succession of words does not have only one meaning.

Men strive only to assign a single meaning to the sequence of words.

This striving is worldly and constricted, and belongs to the deeper layers of the divine creative plan.

On the higher levels of insight into divine thoughts, :have you recognize that the sequence of words has more than one valid meaning.

Only to the all-knowing is it given to know all the meanings of the sequence of words. Increasingly we try to recognize a few more meanings.”  ~The Anchorite, The Black Books, Vol. III, Page 102