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Black Books

The God forces me to address this prayer al-s-e to you so that you come to life. Too long have we left you alone.

Let us build the bond of community so that living and dead images will become one and the past will live on in the present.

Our desire pulls us to the living world and we are lost in our desire.

Come to the potion of the living blood, drink your fill so that we will be saved from the inextinguishable and unrelenting power of vivid longing for visible, graspable, and present being.

Drink from our blood of desire that begets evil, as quarrel, discord, ugliness, violent deeds, and famishment.

Take, eat, this is my body, that lives for you. Take, eat, drink, this is my blood, whose desire flows for you.

Come, celebrate a Last Supper with me for your redemption and mine.

Help me to understand your language, so that I will not stray from you nor you from me.

I need community with you so that I fall prey neither to the community of the living nor to my desire and yours, whose envy is insatiable
unending and therefore begets evil.

Help me, so that my desire is always directed toward you I do not forget that my desire is a sacrificial fire for you. You are my community.

I live what I can live for the living. But I cannot live the excess of my longing with the living.

It belongs to you, you shades. We need your living with us.

Be auspicious to us and open our closed spirit so that we become blessed with the redeeming light. May it happen thus! Amen.  ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 254-256