“My father once bought a black slave at the market from the region of the source of the Nile.

He came from a country that had heard of neither Osiris nor of Christ and he told me many things from his -this religion that said in a simple symbolic language the same that we said believed about Osiris.

I learned to understand that those uneducated Negroes unknowingly already possessed most of what the religions of the cultured peoples had developed into systems.

Those able to read that symbolic language correctly could thus recognize in it the religion of Osiris64 as well as the Gospel of Christ.

And it’s with this that I now occupy myself.

I read the Gospel and seek its meaning which is yet to come.

We know its meaning in the past, in so far as we know the religions of the past.

It is a worldly error to believe that religions differ in their innermost essence.

Strictly speaking, it’s always one and the same religion. Every subsequent form of religion is the meaning of the antecedent.” ~The Anchorite, The Black Books, Page 112-113