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Forms walked clad in white silk in a colored atmosphere. Each surrounded by a strangely fragrant, glowingly tinted aura, some reddish, the others blueish and greenish. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. II, Page 139

Jung recounted this dream to Aniela Jaffe and commented upon it as follows:

“This is some kind of in-between realm (the term definitely occurs in the original version of the dream) .

The idea was that if one is confronted with the shadow- as was the case through the experience of Siegfried’s dream then the idea comes:

I enter into a twilight: I am this and yet also something else.

And this doubleness presents itself: I plus my aura.

Something that I am, and something else, that is distinct from me.

It is an indication of the unconscious, which reaches strangely far beyond me. like a saint’s halo. – This has a strange effect on the attitude toward the human being.

If one is in the company of several persons, and one knows them and knows about their shadows, one then sees these people as they are, but they are also something entirely different.

They are surrounded by a strange sphere.

They live in a strange, light-colored sphere, which circumscribes their ‘other’ state.

This seemed to me to like a vision of the world beyond, where men are whole and complete, unlike here.

The saint’s halo also characterizes his transcendent shining light, his psychic being”  ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Page175, fn 139