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I am thinking of this first vision that you gave me in a dream, where I saw You [Jung’s Soul] hovering. (Is it 14 years since then?) ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. II, Page 152

The preceding sentence was not reproduced in LN.

This is evidently the following dream, noted in Jung’s adolescent diary: In the night from nth to 12th September

I suddenly woke up from a dream.

It seemed to me as if I was in a dark house, where all kinds of uncanny, ghostly phantoms looked at me. I woke up and discovered that I was awake; I opened up my eyes-completely awake-and saw a faintly illuminated whitish figure beside my bed.

The phantom looked like the figure of a very beautiful girl about 10 years old of small stature.

The figure hovered, so it seemed, about one meter above the floor.

The child had dark loose hair, the face was directed above and sideways, that I could not perceive her physiognomy; a wide, creased, gauze-like garment engulfed her body in a hanging way.

The figure hardly stayed a few seconds.

Then it seemed to me as if I saw an old woman of big shape, then again, by a statue of marble of an older age man.

My nerves were not at all overexcited this evening.

I cannot think of any physiological or psychological reason.

This vision has appeared again to me the first time for a very long time (JFA, pp. 28- 29). ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. II, Page 152, fn 22