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Salome is between things and you. 

000 soul

Black Books

First and foremost, you [Jung] should see that you are behind.

Why did you give me the two kinds of properties? Why did you not separate the opposites? Why did you leave me mixed?

This creates the trouble of the standstill. The opposites cancelled each other out.

My other half, which is on the side of the earth, is another soul than I.

She is between things and you. I am between the eternal images and you.

I am mind, she is feeling. I am light, she is dark. The black one is her symbol.

You have still not released Salome from her.

She is the spirit of the earth that dances poisonous dances, that bewitches and intoxicates, that drinks blood and causes magical sickness.

If she were released from the symbol, she would give form, substance, and actual life to the eternal images.

But she intoxicates herself in the blood of the holy one.

Why? She has not been released from the human symbol.

Why do you love the black one?

Because she is the dancer-(there is a scratching on the door). ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 186