Black Books

For a man, the mother “protects him against the dangers that threaten from the darkness of his soul.”

Subsequently, the anima, in the form of the mother imago, is transferred to the wife: “his wife has to take over the magical role of the mother.

Under the cloak of the ideally exclusive marriage, he is really seeking his mother’s protection, and thus he plays into the hands of his wife’s protective instincts.”

What is ultimately required is the “objectification of the anima.” ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 100-101

…the overcoming of the anima as an autonomous complex, and her transformation into a function of relationship between consciousness and the unconscious.

Through this process the anima forfeits the daemonic power of an autonomous complex; that means she can no longer exercise possession, since she is depotentiated. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 101