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Black Books

In the twenties, many artists and writers went to New Mexico in recognition of the bankruptcy of American civilization.

The Indians were viewed as people who had maintained their cultural integrity and were rooted in communities with living traditions.

Thus they were looked to as a source of renewal for white culture.

Jung’s visit was arranged by Jaime de Angulo, a linguist, ethnologist, ethnomusicologist, writer, and patron saint of the Beat Generation.

In December 1924, Jung visited America.

Shortly after the trip, Jaime de Angulo wrote to Mabel Dodge about how he managed to take Jung to Taos, and of what ensued:

I made up my mind that I would kidnap him if necessary and take him to Taos . … It was a revelation to him, the whole thing.

Of course I had prepared Mountain Lake. He and Jung made contact immediately and had a long talk on religion.

Jung said that I was perfectly right in all that I had intuited about their psychological condition.

He said that evening CJ “I had the extraordinary sensation that I was talking to an Egyptian priest of the fifteenth century before Christ.” ~The Red Books, Vol. I, Page 86