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I love with that searching yearning that Swedenborg so wonderfully describes

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Jung had some powerful experiences: on June 27, 1917, he wrote to Emma Jung that three days prior, he was on Pointe de Cray (a mountain just northwest of Chateau d’Oex),

“It was a glorious day. On the summit I had a wonderful ecstatic feeling.

Last evening I had a most remarkable mystical experience, a feeling of connection of many millennia.

It was like a transfiguration.

Today I’m probably going down to hell again for this.

I want to cling to you, since you are my center, a symbol of the human, a protection against all daimons.

This letter underscores the centrality of Emma Jung in his life. ~The Black Books, Vol. 1, Page 69

This statement is entirely in keeping with Jung’s comments about her [Emma Jung] in his adolescent diary In August 1899:

“E.R. [Emma Marie Rauschenbach]:

I am in love; I love with that searching yearning that Swedenborg so wonderfully describes: the anticipation of the other self, the unity preparing for heavenly, eternal times.

Does she think of me? Does she know it? Could I have deluded myself? Is she not the destined one?

I cannot believe that my feeling has deluded me. It must be her(. . .)

E.R. In the dark shades of the trees, in the bright rooms of sunny nature I see only her, the sweet one in her familiar stature, in her bright dress with the red ribbons, she, who is so intimately akin to my soul.

Does she know it? Does she feel my love regardless of the extent of space that separates?”

(}FA). The reference is to Swedenborg’s conception of conjugal love. Jung had taken out Swedenborg’s book on this topic from the Basel University library on October 18, 1898. ~The Black Books, Page 69, fn 204

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