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Black Books

Our Lord Jesus Christ! Blessed be your name.

Your work lasts long, you endured hardship for the sake of mankind.

You did the greatest thing for us, out of animals you made quasi-human beings.

You gave your life for beastly mankind, your spirit was with us through an endlessly long time.

You have done your great work patiently, and men still look to you and still ask you for help and want to receive the mercy of God through you.

You do not tire of giving to men. I praise your divine patience.

Are not men ungrateful? Does their craving know no limits?

Do they still make demands on you? They have received so much yet still they are beggars.

Behold, Lord Jesus Christ, they do not love you, but they long for you with greed, for they also crave their neighbor’s possessions.

They do not love their neighbor, but they want what is his good.

Thus they also demand from you and have not taken your sublime life as a role model.

If they really loved you, they would finally pay heed to your example.

Your awe inspiring life shows how everyone would have to take their own life into their own hands and thus also carry the life of mankind as you did.

But they don’t do it, instead they pray to you and still don’t let your spirit rest and call upon you:

Your work is not completed yet!

The work of your spirit and your life has lasted for two millennia. It was necessary for such a long time.

And men are still childish and forget gratitude, since they still cannot say:

Thanks be to you, our Lord Jesus Christ, for the salvation you have brought us.

We have taken it unto ourselves, given it a place in our hearts, and we have learned to carry on your work in ourselves on our own.

We have grown mature in continuing the blood-heavy work of redemption in us.

Thanks to you, we have embraced your work, we grasped your redemptive teaching, we completed in ourselves what you had begun for us with bloody struggle.

We are not ungrateful children anymore who desire their parents’ possessions; instead of working for their own lives.

Thanks to you, our lord Jesus Christ, we will make the most of your talent and will not bury it in the earth and forever stretch out our hands helplessly and urge you to complete your work in us.

We want to be grateful to you and take your burden upon ourselves and want to give you rest.

When we take up your work, your work will be completed and you will lay your hands in your lap after a long day’s hard burden.

Blessed is the dead one, who rests in his God, from the completion of his work.  ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 232-234