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Black Books

Jung: Have you anything else to say to me? I’ll see what I can do with my time.

Jung’s Soul:  No, I have nothing else to say to you today.

At most: you should begin the bibliography of the literature this evening for the new book.

Also you should, beginning next week, you should begin to collect dreams and give patients corresponding directions for preparation.

After the bibliography of the literature you should try tomorrow to record all the dreams which you still recall as more or less important, and also 4 further thoughts that concern the theme.

You should use the hours of II-12 for this. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 218

From what follows in this entry, it appears that Jung was considering writing a book on the subject of dreams.

No book was published, but some of the results of the projected work were presented in the form of his unpublished seminars in Swanage (Dorset, England), in the summer of 1925, on “Dreams and Symbolism.” ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 218, fn 187