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Black Books

And yet you [Salome] have already betrayed your mystery to us.

You are the mystery that stands behind all pleasure, the soul, that touches the earth, you, my sister, who embraces matter, who makes the unsayable experiential.

My love belongs to the eternal images, your love to eternal matter.

Ka is your father, Philemon my father.

So the veil, that deceptively hid the truth, dissipated the mist and created a thousand blind alleys, is rent.

Recognize yourself as soul, renounce the purity of your pleasure, you yourself are its impurity, its blending, its mystery.

Pleasure contains the eternal meaning, as the image contains the eternal pleasure.

Are my images pure? I believed so and have forgotten it.

My images breathe the pleasure of the world.

And your pleasure gives birth time and time again to the eternal images. Is the deaf pure blue of the sky purity?

No, it is blue, because you see matter.

What would the crystalline clarity of water be, if you didn’t see the water?

Only emptiness is pure. Pure pleasure is empty and would therefore be no pleasure.

A pure image would be empty and would therefore be no image.

Since an image always portrays something.

Pleasure wants image in eternity and image wants pleasure in eternity.

Sublime one, the 4 ways are accomplished, the 4 sufferings have been fulfilled borne, the 4 joys are fulfilled fulfilled, the offering to the Gods of the 4 winds have been prepared.

The final work is accomplished: Salome became sighted.

The 4 winds rise up to you, the 4 streams flow to you.

The time has come where you alone speak, you God of all true and false Gods, you being of all non-being.

We are silent and await your speech. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 191-192