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Black Books

Spirits of the dead accompany her (Kali/Salome), spirits of the earth, buried ones-not the spirits of the eternal images.

They bear claws like dogs and cats, they have feet like black night birds, carrion birds, since the dancer rends, she has claws and sharp teeth, behind her lie bloody torn ones, blood pools and spirits of the dead gorge themselves on this.

She makes one drunk and she is drunk from the blood of the holy one, she pours poison into the entrails.

She is a fire of voluptuousness and torment of voluptuousness.

She is beautiful like hell. She gives pleasure and the craving for poison. She makes men drink poison and eat poison.

She is hellish temptation.

She is the compulsion of suffering. I am eternal contemplation.

I carry up into eternity, she drags down into the mystery of matter, into the beauty of the earth, into the death of everything earthly. I am the daughter of the eternal mother, she is the daughter of the eternal father.

She is the earth, I am the vessel of heaven.

Yes, she is the womb of the earth. Actual forms grow from her, but the eternal images grow from me. ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 186-187