Black Books

You [Jung’s Soul] went ahead of me, now you follow me. I am the leader.

I am the fire that advances, you are a helpful arm that supports the wavering.

I am what is to come, you are the fullness of the present.

You are joy and enjoyment, discord and lies.

You are the helper of men in good and evil. I am the fiery path of fate.

You are errancy in good and evil. I am merciless truth. I am past and future.

This man is my present.

That is why he is my error, since I was and-I will be, but am not.

My present is an error. This man errs and you exist.

That is why you are always present, since man always errs. Why must he err?

He is a star seed, he errs through the unlimited, he fell down from the unknown. He continues to err. His errancy is his truth; He would do well to know it. Through errancy he lives. ~Philemon, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 147