Black Books

Jung: What then is the I? Is it not the same as the self?

Jung’s Soul: If you are in you yourself, then you cannot differentiate the I from the self But if you are outside with yourself, then the self is different from the I. Since the self is a great mystery, that I veil just as well as you. -If It is that smallest seed that fills all the heavens, a grain of dead matter and God in all eternity. Amen. I say “Amen,” since after such an implausible statement one must say “Amen” for confirmation. But all mysteries are  implausible. I hate all mysteries, therefore I divulge them to you as much as possible. It would be better if there weren’t so many mysteries, but they are not to be denied- and finally-without mysteries, there would be no escape from the contradictions. So, if you are outside with yourself, then you feel your I differentiated from the self You feel your self either as a grain of dead matter full of revulsion, dread, and fear of death, or, if you accepted this inner death and held your last supper with this corpse and received the germ of God from this death, then you feel the self as the God in you. But look, there comes Philemon. What does he want? The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 183