Black Books

It is good that you see my greatness and your limitation! You begin to find the right measure, you scorner of everything effective and living.

I curse my darkness, my eternal abasement and yet I am what has an effect and you are just what appears, you deceitful appearance, charlatan, swindler, who steals the love of man from me.

But today is a good day, the day where my curse reaches you-proclaim your limitation, shout out that you steal, that you rob the innocent you cheat and deceive.

I am what has an effect and curse you, that the truly effective is always concealed!

That’s why my brother had to be born the son of a king and all appearance and shimmer had to surround him till the grave, so that he became seen.

Who among all the wise ones would have noticed him, if appearance had not emphasized him?

Cursed be appearance, which deceives the world for all reality.

Truly a good day, Philemon, your wing will be clipped. ~Ka, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 184