Black Books

What is past is always an obstacle for what is to come. It must first be completely cleared away.

What time could not destroy must be artificially destroyed.

For this you need the means that mankind has always needed to arrive at the future from the past: namely severing, separating from the old, destruction of the bones.

It is truly an injury of the old, but the new live only through completely wearing out the old.

Only with unnatural means can man get out of what was natural of old and hence arrive at a new naturalness.

Exercises, that one calls [askesis] belong to this. Otherwise man is completely defenseless against the old, since the old is natural, while the new is unnatural and weak, that is it seems so to you, but the new yet prevails, and then you must suffer it instead of happily creating it yourself. ~Serpent, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 294