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Serpent: But you now understand why God is both changing and unchanging?

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Black Books

Now, it is graspable. We also approach the limits of what is currently understandable and knowable.

But you now understand why God is both changing and unchanging?

It all depends from where one speaks.

When you speak of yourself out of yourself it is somewhat different from when you speak of yourself from the outside, from the world, with the eyes of the world.

Even so the two statements contradict each other, so you still are, and the beholding world also is.

The same way with God.

Seen from your standpoint, he is changeable. Seen in himself, he is unchanging.

He knows nothing of change since he does not know himself as a seed.

But the seed turns. But what is a seed as a whole? Nothing.

Therefore it: the totality does not feel it. But surely the seed feels it, since it feels abandoned and misunderstood by the totality.

But the totality does not understand the individual. Therefore the individual must seek the way to God.

He must thus draw God into himself. But how does this happen?

This can only happen by his clearly showing God how he has turned, how he has changed. He must explain himself to him.

He must find words and expressions by which he can reach God.

Man, who must always work as the mediator for the part of God in him and the seed, can never do this through conscious devising or puzzling out, but only through the help of his soul, or through the help of someone who still has the soul of the other in them.

The seed must always turn, since that is the godhead of life. Life is movement in its innermost. ~Serpent, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 179