THE FIRST TREATISE. Treatise In the Following Discourse on the Origin of the We shall the Philosophers Stone and the Art of How to Produce It. The Philosopher’s Stone is produced by means of the Greening and Growing Nature.

HALI the Philosopher, says thereof: “This Stone rises in growing, greening things’. Wherefore when the Green is reduced to its former nature whereby things sprout and come forth in ordained time, it must be decocted and putrefied in the way of our secret art.

That by Art may be aided, what nature decocts and putrefies, until she gives it, in due time, the proper form, and our Art but adapts and prepares the matter as becomes Nature, for such work, and such work provides also, with. Premeditated Wisdom, a suitable Vessel.

For Art does not undertake to Produce Gold and Silver, Anew, as it can not Endow matter with its first Origin, NOR is it necessary to search our Art in places and Caverns of the Earth, another Way to Work. and with different intention from Nature, therefore also does Use different Art Tools and Instruments.

Produce Extraordinary Things Art Can For that reason out of the Aforesaid beginnings Such as Natural Nature of herself Would never be Able to create.

For unaided Nature does not produce things whereby imperfect metals can in a moment be made perfect, but by the secrets of Our Art this can be done. ~ Splendor Solis.