Black Books

You lack dirt. Your understanding has no dung in it. The two diagonals, however, are you yourself.

The circle is the sun.

One has the sun, the other doesn’t.

That’s why you are diagonal. However there must be one that stands straight and goes over the bridge, but that leaves the two suns behind it and becomes straight.

That’s why it has to go under again and coil around itself, then it has the sun in the belly of the upper cone. It will stay longer with this, but the other longs for the second sun.

But the other sun is dark in the belly of the lower cone.

You see that he who is horrified at himself has the sun as a head, and as a wheel is entirely sun, and goes straight on the serpent’s way and it is no longer straight above, but a small tail upward-that is funny!

Have you learned something? ~HA, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 153