Mankind wishes to love in God only their ideas, that is to say, the ideas which they project into God.

By that they wish to love their unconscious, that Is, that remnant of ancient humanity and the centuries-old past In all people, namely, the common property left behind from all development which is given to all men, like the sunshine and the air.

But in loving this inheritance they love that which is common to all.

Thus they turn back to the mother of humanity, that is to say, to the spirit of the race, and regain in this way something of that connection and of that mysterious and irresistible power which is imparted by the feeling of belonging to the herd.

It is the problem of Antaeus, who preserves his gigantic strength only through contact with mother earth. ~Carl Jung; Psychology of the Unconscious; Pages 200 – 201.

Image: Hercules and Antaeus