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Carl Jung: August 1919 Dream of Emma Jung

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11, / 12. Aug. 1919


Emma, the 2 oldest daughters and I are sort of guests of a rich peasant in southern Siberia or South Africa.

He practices ostrich breeding. low thatched building.

I prepare a lemonade with ice to combat the heat.

Emma reaches with her hand into it and spills the stuff.

I am furious and throw all the glasses against the wall.

They don’t break but fall like a rubber ball to the ground.

I leave the room and go into a type of barn.

There is a low wide table, on which remarkably old books lie.

I take one in brown leather: “Acta Thomasina.” The pages are of brown pressed leather.

In the middle of each page is an archaic figure of a prophet with his words in hieroglyphic signs alongside. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 202