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Black Books

Truly, Phanes is the consoler. He leads the hands of those who err.

He is the counsellor of the widow.

He fills the empty beaker.

He lays bread on the table of the hungry.

He is the friend of the lonely.

He gives voice to the misunderstood.

He lays a weight on the scales of justice.

He is the wealth of the poor.

His light shines on the mountains.

He is born from sorrow and joy.

The devils too have served him.

He shines in the helpless eyes of the animal.

He is the understanding of what the devils speak.

He is the redemption of the dead.

He is the healing of the sick.

He is the compassion with all living things.

He is the beauty of the crystal.

He is the ascent from sin.

He is the law above all laws.

He is liberation through blood sacrifice.

Where he shines, there is no damnation.

He is the allegory of the highest, the sum of all riddles. ~Philemon, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 165