1925 Seminar

Dr. Jung: But even if all four functions are in operation, there are things that are forgotten, and the unconscious contains these and this always upsets the functioning of the unconscious.

Such people could remove much both from the personal and from the collective unconscious, and so free the unconscious to function more normally.

For example, you can run across people who think themselves born without a religious sense, and this is just as absurd as if they said they were born without eyes.

It simply means they have left all that side of themselves in the unconscious.

If you get these things out of the unconscious into the conscious, then, as I said, the unconscious functions are helped.

As another example, one is always hearing persons who have had some experience of analysis saying, “I won’t make up my mind about that, I’ll see what my dreams say.”

But there are hosts of things which call for decisions from the conscious, and about which it is idiotic to “put it up” to the unconscious for a decision. ~Carl Jung, 1925 Seminar, Page 114.