Letters Volume I

To Alice Lewisohn Crowley

My dear Mrs. Crowley, 20 July 1942

Your dream of June 26th-the Arab-has anticipated several of my dreams this month, in which I was in Africa, I myself wearing a long shoka (something like a long white shirt.)

This figure refers to Mercurius, for I first dreamt of Mercury as a young Arab prince whom I had to push under water.

This is what happens to Mercury!

Your dream of July 6th is also to the point.

I dreamt of an Eastern prophet, followed by a woman who was almost hypnotized by his prophetic stammerings.

Clearly my anima being completely fascinated by my shadow, who in his place is seized by the spirit of life (Mercury!) .

“Being naked” often means “accessible to all influences.”

Having no persona is a state of self-being regardless of the world of conditioned relations.

I am awfully busy on my Mercury material and I had to live it, i.e., it caught hold of me, played the transformation of Mercury on my own human system and gave me incidentally a remarkably miserable fortnight.5 Your dreams have caught some of it.

I am all right again, but not yet through with my material.

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Volume 1, Page 319.