C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950


My dear Mrs. N., 6 September 1943

Your relation to Mrs. X. seems to be disturbed by the “wolf soul .”

As you pointed out, envy, competition, feelings of inferiority etc. arose between you.

With reference to myself there is also the factor of jealousy, the latter of a very elementary sort .

One is-helas-never at the end of that seemingly endless animal tail, which one cannot cut off but only tolerate or suffer.

Mrs. X. is less aware of it and takes what she knows more lightly, whereas you take it almost too seriously, at least with the whole weight of a hard fact.

It is however a “relative” fact.

With an introvert-on account of his inferior Eros -it weighs more and seems to be more important.

But the extravert should teach him to look a bit more away from it.

As Lord Beaconsfield said : “Important things are not so very important,” etc.

She constellates your shadow naturally and it gives you a nice feeling of inferiority, thus far quite healthy.

Only don’t take it too seriously and don’t believe that Mrs. X. has not her private hell too.

Everybody has, but it is the extravert’s particular game to show the least of trouble and to cause the most of it.

Don’t rely too much on your inferior Eros, and keep even smarting relations.

You learn a lot from them .

If your animus misbehaves, then you have not used your feelings.

Social feelings are never 100% pure gold but consist of about 40% make-up.

This is no deception but an altruistic endeavor and produces a good conscience, a thing not to be despised.

Don’t worry yourself too much (wolfishness against oneself).

Worry Mrs. X.

This is better.

Yours cordially,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Page 337.