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Man of the West! I speak to you. Your air is nebulous. let light in.

There is a clear day to the East, while the west glows in ruddy twilight.

A new sun rises in the east. look eastward. listen eastward. A voice comes from there.

A fluttering fire smoldered there, now it’s with you. What did we do? We grasped it.

We made serpent-like plantlike forms. You built vaults and high arches.

Is there something under them? Do you keep something safe there? Empty air, that’s what.

We have no roof while you have only roofs. That’s why I seek your roof. I want to live with you: I, the patient taciturn one.

I make strange things with a slow hand, I fill the vaults with rare decoration.

Do you give me shelter?” ~ A Man of the East, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 274