Every victory contains the germ of future defeat. ~Carl Jung, CW 9i, Para 150

For the Chinese, “spirit” does not signify order, meaning, and everything that is good on the contrary, it is a fiery and sometimes dangerous power. ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para 939

The man who promises everything is sure to fulfil nothing, and everyone who promises too much is in danger of using evil means in order to carry out his promises, and is already on the road to perdition. ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para, 413

The judgment of others is not in itself a standard of value, it may be no more than a useful piece of information. The individual has a right, indeed it is his duty, to set up and apply his own standard of value. In the last resort ethics are the concern of the individual. ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para 912

I am neither spurred on by excessive optimism nor in love with high ideals, but am merely concerned with the fate of the individual human being—that infinitesimal unit on whom a world depends, and in whom, if we read the meaning of the Christian message aright, even God seeks his goal. ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para 588

The more we busy ourselves with dreams, the more we shall see such coincidences–chances. Remember that the oldest Chinese scientific book is about the possible chances of life. ~Carl Jung, Dreams Seminar, Page 45

When someone is able to perform the art of touching on the archetypal, he can play on the souls of people like on the strings of a piano. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dream Seminar, Page 150

Nature itself speaks in such dreams. The wisdom of the child is the wisdom of nature, and it needs the utmost cunning to follow nature. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dream Seminar, Page 136.

The snake touches on the deepest instincts of man, so that from time immemorial one thought it to be in possession of great secrets. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dream Seminar, Pages 248-251.

When you dream of a savage bull, or a lion, or a wolf pursuing you, this means: it wants to come to you. You would like to split it off, you experience it as something alien, but it just becomes all the more dangerous. . .The best stance would be: ‘Please, come and devour me.” ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Page 19.

The flow of creation and destruction never ends. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Page 328.

Indians have no thoughts that would prevent consciousness from functioning, no devils that could devastate consciousness. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Page 409.

Thus, the alchemical process also begins with such a division into the four elements, by which the body is put back into its primordial state and so can undergo transformation. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams, Page 367.

If a fatal destiny is awaiting us, we are already seized by what will lead us to this destiny in the dream, in the same way it will overcome us in reality. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams, Page 159.

As long as you can explain yourself to a human being you are not crazy.” C.G Jung, The Zarathustra Seminars Volume 1. Page 297

We have become participants in the divine nature. We are the vessel…of the deity suffering in the body of the “slave”(Phil. 2:5). ~Carl Jung, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Page 336.

Individuation and individual existence are indispensable for the transformation of God. Human consciousness is the only seeing eye of the Deity. ~Carl Jung, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Page 336.

Human consciousness is the only seeing eye of the Deity. ~Carl Jung, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra, Page 336.

All I have written is correct. . . . I only realize its full reality now ~Carl Jung; Jung His Life and Work; Page 279

For there is no coming into being and dying but in time. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dream Seminar, Page 101.

The healthy man does not torture others-generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers. ~Carl Jung, CW 8, Para 1354.

What is stirred in us is that faraway background, those immemorial patterns of the human mind, which we have not acquired but have inherited from the dim ages of the past. ~Carl Jung, CW 8, Para 315.

Whoever speaks in primordial images speaks with a thousand voices. ~Carl Jung. CW 15 Page 129.

We know that Tom Thumbs, dactyls, and Cabiri… are personifications of creative forces… Thus the creative dwarfs toil away in secret; the phallus also working in darkness, begets a living being” ~Carl Jung, CW 5, para. 180

The psychic life-force, the libido, symbolizes itself… through phallic symbols. ~Carl Jung; CW 18; para. 297.

Language, in its origin and essence, is simply a system of signs or symbols that denote real occurrences or their echo in the human soul. Carl Jung; CW 18; para. 13.