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Tina Keller-Jenny “Letter to her Children”
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Memoir of Tina Keller-Jenny: A Lifelong Confrontation with the Psychology of C.G. Jung


Tina Keller-Jenny’s “Letter to her Children”

“I have dedicated this autobiography to you, with my love and prayers.

Some of you will remember the difficult times, where your mother seemed preoccupied, in trouble, when no one could help.

As I wrote this, much has clarified and I recommend warmly, that anyone who feels certain parts of his life to be still weighing on him, like undigested food, that he write out the experiences and wrestle with them, till he feels at peace.

There were all the mistakes I had committed and I was regretful or angry about.

Gradually I learnt, that there is nothing to regret, ignorance and errors made new learning possible.

I had a very difficult, but rich life and I am very grateful.

One of the strongest motivations in my struggles was the conviction that what I left undone out of negligence would become a burden for my children.

Dr. Jung was very insistent that as parents follow their own paths of development, children become free for their own growth.

So I believe that by doing the best I could to solve my own problems, I was doing the best I could for my children.

May it bring them blessings!”  ~Tina Keller, Tina Keller Memoir, Page 138.

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