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Jung’s book Aion (1951) can, depending on one’s standpoint, be regarded either as an astrological treatise or as the proof of a synchronistic phenomenon of cosmic proportions.

It is, in part, an account of the meaningful coincidence of the Platonic month of Pisces-which started two thousand years ago with the birth of Christ and, as we have said, is now passing into the Platonic month of Aquarius-with the spiritual development of Christianity during this period.

The fish is an old symbol for Christ.

The parallelism between the cosmic event-the progression of the spring-point through the double sign of the Fishes-and the spiritual and historical events is exceedingly impressive.

The turn of the first millennium, just about the time when the spring-point reached the beginning of the second Fish, witnessed the rise of the heretical movements that compensated and also undermined Christianity-the Cathars, Waldenses, Albigenses, the Holy Ghost Movement of Joachim of Flora, and other sects.

Although the year 1000 did not mark the expected end of the world, it secretly initiated the “kingdom of the second Fish” -traditionally interpreted as the age of Antichrist-whose culmination, no one will deny, we are experiencing in the present century. ~Aniela Jaffe, Jung’s Last Years, Page 33